5 Ways Your Company Can Get Even Greener in 2013

Eco-Friendly BusinessA new year is here. It’s time to set some new goals, time to make some new plans and when it comes to our businesses, it’s time to be even better about the use of our resources; especially when it comes to making choices that will be more energy efficient and better for the environment over all.

Are you looking for some relatively quick and easy ways to make your company “all the more green” in 2013? If so, we have five ways that will help you to achieve your goal and prevent you from breaking this particular New Year’s Resolution:

Be smarter about paper. Thanks to the internet, a lot of communication does not require using paper. You can email and even use programs like E-Signature for contracts, etc. However, when you do need to print off some copies, make sure to go with some 100 percent recycled paper and to copy on the front and back. You might also want to look into the company Green Print because they significantly help people to reduce the amount of ink and paper that they use. Oh, and another environmentally-conscious thing to do is to put something like “Please be nice to the environment and not print out this email” on the bottom of the emails and newsletters that you send out too.

Do lunch (a bit) differently. It really is healthier to bring your lunch from home rather than going through the fast-food drive thru. One way that you can encourage more of your staff to do that is by hosting Friday potlucks (where everyone brings a dish in) and having healthy snacks available in the break rooms. Also, in order to keep paper plates and plastic dishes down to a minimum, purchase lunch ware that is recyclable (such as at The Green Office website) and napkins made by a green company like Seventh Generation. Also, get everyone their own water bottles so that there wouldn’t be so many leftover plastic ones every day in the trash.

Turn off what you’re not using. There was an article published at the end of 2012 about a school district in Seattle that saved approximately $1.5 million simply by turning off lights and computers when they weren’t using them. When you or your staff leaves a room, encourage them to turn the lights and water off. When everyone leaves for the evening, add to that “turn off list” computers and monitors. Or, consider purchasing a few Smart Power Strips. They automatically reduce the consumption of electronic devices.

Purchase used furniture. A lot of people who are “green minded” tend to be interested in purchasing ergonomic furniture. That’s because it is furniture that is created to make people more productive (yes, it’s another way to make the most of the best resource, which is you). In the spirit of recycling (and sticking to a budget) rather than buying new desks and chairs, consider going used instead. ROFInc.net and EONoffice.com are two websites that sell them.

Consider telecommuting. There are New York virtual offices, virtual offices in Los Angeles and very possibly, virtual offices close to where you live as well. There are statistics to support the fact that people who work from home tend to be more productive. Plus, it helps you to cut down on energy because workers are using their electricity and water from their own houses and they won’t be expending fuel during the commute back and forth. Even if you don’t want a full-time virtual office, you might want to consider making Fridays a telecommute day. It can save you money and your employees will be more than happy to have the time at home; a surefire way to make you an employee favorite in 2013!