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How to Turn Metal Trash into Treasure and Help the Environment

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Each year, tons of metals are disposed of worldwide, with the US being the leading culprit, at about 540 pounds of metal waste per family per year . Europe, as a whole, is not far behind with a staggering 10,000,000 tons of metal waste per year, and each Australian produces close to 165 pounds of metal waste per year. This causes a large strain on the environment by creating larger amounts of … [Read more...]

Reduce Your Company’s Carbon Footprint


Today’s environmentally-minded companies are always looking for ways to make their carbon footprint smaller. From offsetting to telecommuting, we give you several ways to make this goal a reality: Computers Unless you really need powerful computer equipment, say if you work in video editing or game development, look at whether you can replace inefficient desktops with more eco-friendly laptops. … [Read more...]

New Types of Energy Efficient Lighting

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Shedding Light on the Subject Back in the day, electric lighting was limited to three major types: incandescent, neon and fluorescent. Neon lights were designated for entertainment, advertising and play. They were meant more to draw attention than to shed illumination. The real lighting workhorses were the good old fashioned light bulb with its tungsten filament and the long, narrow fluorescent … [Read more...]

5 Little-Known Recycling Facts That Could Help Your Business Go Green


The pressure on businesses to recycle and become more environmentally conscious is always rising – but for many companies, the incentives are often seen to be few and far between. Aside from the positive image of doing their bit for the environment, it can be understandable why businesses fail to see how recycling can actually help them grow. However, these five little-known facts show just how … [Read more...]

Working Green – Simple Ways to Make Your Home Office More Eco-Friendly

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If you are a freelancer who works from home, have you ever considered the impact that your home office makes on the environment? How could you alter your surroundings or habits so that you make your home office even greener? By not commuting to work every day, you are already reducing the amount of pollution you produce and fuel you consume – so you are off to a good start. However, there are a … [Read more...]

Venta Airwasher – The Harms of Indoor Pollution and Dry Air in your Office

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Most Americans spend up to 90% of their time indoors and many of those hours are spent in an office environment. The effects of dry air and indoor air pollution can range from sinus aggravation and chronic coughing to the bringing on of headaches and exacerbating asthma. The United State Environmental Protection Agency states many office buildings have poor indoor air quality (IAQ) due to … [Read more...]