6 Spring Maintenance Tips to Increase Your Energy Efficiency


Congratulations! You made it through winter. Say goodbye to your sky-high heating bills and hello to spring! Unfortunately, you won't be saying goodbye to your energy worries altogether, though. Before you know it, summer will be here. And depending on your climate, it may be time to kick on those cooling systems sooner rather than later. So how can you be sure you're not paying an arm and a … [Read more...]

Buying a Green Home? Be Sure to Look For These 6 Things


Often when it comes to buying a home, so much of the focus is on location or size. But if you’re an especially environmentally-conscious person, you may want to know how “green” a home is. Does the home use a lot of electricity? Are there aspects of the house’s history which make it a potential health hazard? If you’re looking for an ideal green home, here are some important tips to remember … [Read more...]

Should Your Home Go Solar?

Telluride Solar Panels

Solar panels are gaining quite a bit of popularity. Still, they’re a relatively new innovation. Most people know what they are, but don’t know much about the specifics such as how exactly they work or how to install them. Unless you’re an engineer, you will probably need a professional to give you specifics for your home, but we can start here as a jumping-off point. Why should I go solar? Solar … [Read more...]

How to Have a Greener Holiday Season

Christmas string lights

There are plenty of ways to live a more environmentally friendly lifestyle this winter, even if the weather isn’t particularly friendly to you. Below are eight tips to make your winter a little bit easier on the earth.   Pass on Paper Gift-wrapping paper, that is. It’s incredible just how much paper we use around the holidays. Make a promise not to buy any new wrapping paper or gift bags … [Read more...]

Green Restorations

Old lumber in construction site

Homes require restoration work for many different reasons. Sometimes a house is just old and decrepit. Other times, extreme weather events force homeowners like you to take immediate action or face further damages and costs from accumulated deterioration. The Insurance Information Institute has research showing wind and water damage are the first and second most frequent losses claimed by … [Read more...]

Electric Cars and the Hybrid market – Is Going Green worth It?

Full of Sparks

The times – they are a changing! Gone are the days when gasoline prices were so low that you didn’t have to think twice before tanking up. Increasing gas prices accompanied by rising costs of other essentials have made life for the average Joe pretty difficult – on road as well as at home. Propelled by the need to save on gas, more and more Americans are choosing hybrid and electric cars over … [Read more...]