Electric Cars and the Hybrid market – Is Going Green worth It?

Full of Sparks

The times – they are a changing! Gone are the days when gasoline prices were so low that you didn’t have to think twice before tanking up. Increasing gas prices accompanied by rising costs of other essentials have made life for the average Joe pretty difficult – on road as well as at home. Propelled by the need to save on gas, more and more Americans are choosing hybrid and electric cars over … [Read more...]

What Homeowners Need to Know About Vapor Intrusion – An infographic

Vapor intrusion generally occurs when there is a migration of volatile chemicals from contaminated groundwater or soil into an overlying building. Volatile chemicals can emit vapors that may migrate through subsurface soils and into indoor air spaces of overlying buildings in ways similar to that of radon gas seeping into homes. Volatile chemicals may include volatile organic compounds, select … [Read more...]

Going Green Pays

Moon Rise behind the San Gorgonio Pass Wind Farm

A lot of people want to be eco-friendly, but they’re either not sure where to begin, they think it’s too much work, or they think it will cost too much money. With the huge advancements we’ve made in energy saving programs within the last few years, these concerns are no longer valid for most families across the nation. There is a ton of ways that families can now become more energy efficient … [Read more...]

Green Your Laundry


Yes Green - not red, or more recently I turned everything a dark blue jean wash, but green as in less chemicals and waste in your washing routine. That's what I did last weekend - DIY laundry soap. I had seen many recipes on pinterest for DIY laundry soap, I have tried a great batch made by Sweet & Woodsy, but I never tried my own, so I figured I'd give it a try. I used a very simple 4 … [Read more...]

Is a Solar Water Heater the Right Choice for Your Home?

Solar Water Heaters

Electricity bills are constantly increasing on what seems as a monthly basis and because of this, many home owners are searching for an alternative to save money with any energy usage. One way to do this is with the water heater in the home. The hot water heater in the home takes up around 15 to 20 percent of the electric bill. This is not an enormous amount but it does add up over time. If you … [Read more...]

Eco-friendly green ideas to staying cool this summer

however long the night

Staying cool in the 80’s summers of my childhood was a pretty simple affair. Mountains of frozen Primas, a hose, and a makeshift bed in the laundry. Then everyone got a bug up their rear about air conditioning, and soon enough, our house, too, was playing host to a giant, refrigerated monster of a thing. Naturally, we all thought it was the bees knees. Instead of destroying our milky skin in the … [Read more...]