Green Christmas Wishlist


Trying to find the perfect gift for your Eco-conscious friend or just want to make a lighter impact with your giving? Here are some of our favorite gift picks: For Kids: Eco-Friendly Gourmet Chef Kitchen in Green - My girls always loved their play kitchens growing up and this product made from sustainable, renewable and durable materials that can endure children’s play would have been … [Read more...]

Digital Printing for your Paperless Needs: Holiday Gift Guide


I recently completed a project I had been working on the last few months. It was a great opportunity to flex my photoshop skills and learn about the world of publishing - or shall we say digital print. I had the pleasure of working with Donna Maria of Indie Business Network on a 32 page Holiday Gift Guide. It was a long haul and I probably did more wrong then I did right.   I have many ideas … [Read more...]

A Post Holiday Thank You!


I've been quiet over the holidays. Trying to keep up with work, holidays and life in general has been overwhelming. I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas. Ours was very nice, the kids had a great time that's what really matters when it's all said and done. Just because things have been quiet on the blog-front doesn't mean it's been quiet around here. We've been working with some great … [Read more...]

Green Gift Giving: Naturally Good Soaps

Custom NYC Bags

Each year I partner with a great green company to sponsor Holiday gifts for my clients. This year I connected with Melissa Riviera of Naturally Good Soaps and it has been a true pleasure! A bit of background: Naturally Good Soaps is currently a web based business. All my products are made in small batches to ensure quality control. You will not find any synthetic chemicals, animal by products, … [Read more...]

Green Gift Giving: Green Glass Company


One area of our home that is not green is our kitchen cabinets. I confess, our plates, cups and travel mugs... they are littered with plastic. With 3 kids in the home and a husband that walks out the door with cups full of coffee or soda, never to return (the cups, he normally comes back), plastic is a cheap convenience. In our defense, we are paperless in the kitchen, no disposables, no coffee … [Read more...]

Green Gift Giving: Eco Home Theater Building


With Black Friday and Cyber Monday right on our heels, many of us will grab up the blow out deals on electronics. Use the tips below to keep in line with your Green Gift Giving. Written by: James, a writer and social marketing from London. He is interested in Technology, Eco, Green, Writing, Travel, Marketing and combinations of the above also likes to spin fire (POI & Staff) and is known … [Read more...]