WordPress Plugin Analysis & Facelift.

Plug In To WordPress 2013

WordPress is a wonderful platform, back in it's early onset I knew this was going to be the medium I wanted to work with at Eco-Office Gals. Unlike a static, HTML site of old, it grows with you, it grows with our online needs. Growth also means change. While some plugins & themes are tried and true, many are not. Plugins you installed years ago may become out of date, hindering the … [Read more...]

WordPress 3.5 is here and the happy dance holiday sale!


Just in time for the holidays WordPress has rolled out a shiny new version to unwrap. Named “Elvin” in honor of drummer Elvin Jones, who played with John Coltrane in addition to many others, this version has some exciting features including: New Media Manager Beautiful interface: A streamlined, all-new experience Create galleries faster with drag-and-drop reordering, inline caption … [Read more...]

New Venture: Mobile Responsive Designs


I'm happy to announce a new project. It's still in the works, but it's live so what better time to let you know it's out there? Mobile Responsive Designs is a joint effort between myself and Applied InfoSystems to bring you our WordPress custom theme designs on the new line of mobile responsive themes from StudioPress. Mobile Responsive themes "morph" to fit the screen you are viewing them on, no … [Read more...]

Labor Day Sale: WordPress Maintenance Package Reduced Pricing.


Happy Labor Day! We're supposed to take the day off, we're not supposed to labor, right? Not going to happen at Eco-Office Gals, I always work - it's a bad habit. However, Labor Day is all about the sales, I can do that at least. I was reading Top 10 WordPress Security Myths on ProBlogger, I have heard many people use every one of these excuses: WordPress is not secure. Nobody wants to hack … [Read more...]

Tools that Make Telecommuting Easier


Telecommunications is an important part of any marketing company. Even for those working from home, it’s the backbone of most marketing plans mainly because the conversion rate of telecommunications are much higher than all other types of person to person advertising. This sounds great, so why isn’t everyone doing it? The problem is that this process can become quite complicated and … [Read more...]

WordPress 3.4 “Green” is here!


What do I love about WordPress? It's open source which means super talented people are always putting their brilliant minds together to make it better everyday! However, In order to keep up with the latest and greatest of Wordpress you have to perform updates to your site. Updates to WordPress, Themes, and plugins have nothing to do with the amount of traffic you get, it's all about performance … [Read more...]