Black Friday Thru Cyber Monday Specials! {Deal has ended}


Are you out tackling the crowds for hot buys, or shaking your head at the crowds from the comfort of home? We are happy to say we didn't do Black Friday, no big ticket items are on the kids wish-list this year. WELL, the 8 year old has iPhone on there - but that's why it's called a WISHLIST, right! Although I'm not out battling the crowds to save a buck, it doesn't mean I can't save you one, or … [Read more...]

Taking Your Marketing From Print to Digital


Establishing greener business practices can seem like an uphill struggle sometimes, but trust us, it is getting easier! Although some green practices can seem like a sizable investment (transportation methods, eco design and the sourcing of local materials), the continual move towards digital has offered endless benefits to the environmentally conscious business. Marketing your business online is … [Read more...]

WordPress 3.6 & Genesis 2.0 Is Here!


WordPress 3.6, after a little delay, is finally here and Genesis 2.0 has followed on it's heels, as promised. What does this mean for Wordpress users? HTML5 Compliant: One main change coming down the pipelines is the transformation to HTML5. HTML5 is a markup language for structuring and presenting content for the World Wide Web and a core technology of the Internet. This will mean at some point … [Read more...]

Hot Summer WordPress Deals from Eco-Office Gals


Summer is heating up and the savings are sizzling at Eco-Office Gals! Don't miss out on The Before, During and After Hot Summer WordPress Deals! The "Before": Don't have a WordPress site yet, but need one? Contact Eco-Office Gals and tell me you want my HOT SUMMER WORDPRESS DEAL for 20% off your first WordPress Design Project. (Hosting and monthly subscriptions not included in discount). 20% … [Read more...]

Join Me for #HandmadeChat June 6, 2013


Eco-Office Gals (that would be me) has been invited to be part of the Indie Business Network #HandmadeChat. #HandmadeChat is a Twitter talk show to educate, train and inspire creative and artisan entrepreneurs to become profitable business owners. The topic we'll be tweeting about is "How To Launch A Powerful WordPress Blog". Click here for details about #HandmadeChat and step-by-step … [Read more...]

WordPress Spring Cleaning Sale!


Waking up to 29 degrees this morning doesn't make me think of Spring, but the daily allergy headaches from the blooming flowers are a sure reminder! Your WP site knows no seasons, it runs days and night to bring branded awesomeness to your readers, but it needs your help! Eco-Office Gals is offering a reduced rate on our WordPress Monthly Maintenance package! Give your WP site the daily Spring … [Read more...]