Happy Earth Day 2013

Blue Marble - 2002

Today we give homage to our Mother Earth - Though I like to think we should try everyday, one day just doesn't cut it. While you try to make an effort everyday, take out the big guns today, do something that really counts - no matter how big or how small. Plant a tree or an organic garden. Start some recycling efforts in your home or business. Try unplugging your printer for a month or even a … [Read more...]

ZeroWater Review & Giveaway {2 Winners}


I recently had the opportunity to try out the Zerowater system. Zerowater is a water filtration pitcher, with a twist. It comes with a tester for your water - called s TDS (Total Dissolved Solids) tester. The TDS meter helps put a number on what your taste buds already tell you about what’s in water. The higher the reading on the water, the more things dissolved in water. It shows the total … [Read more...]

Earth Day 2011 Green Tips & Additional Entries


The internet is a buzz with Earth Day Happenings including the Green My World Earth Day Giveaway! I hope you are leaving tons of great green tips, sharing the products you hope to win, and sharing the giveaway on all your social networks! As we come to the final hours, lets give you a few more ways to enter! Below you will find some green tips and retweets to share on Twitter or Facebook.  … [Read more...]

Picnic for the Planet 2011


Join The Nature Conservancy in their 2011 Earth Day campaign, called Picnic for the Planet.They 're asking people to celebrate the planet by rounding up some friends and taking the planet out to lunch. They already have a number of meetups going on around the globe;  just visit our map to find a picnic near you or see how you can start your own. Like to do more? Visit their top 5 Earth Day … [Read more...]

3rd Annual GMW Earth Day Giveaway 2011 (closed)


Let’s get this party started! Earth Day (Month) is here and Eco-Office Gals wants to get as many people as possible on board to grow a little greener.   If you’ve been wanting to, trying to, thinking about growing a little greener there’s no better time to do it then now! We don’t want to make you go it alone either. We have once again reached out to our great green cyberspace friends to … [Read more...]