Eco Friendly Entertainment Options for Your Next Corporate Party

No matter how demanding work can be, if there’s one thing that most employers and employees alike look forward to, it’s whenever a corporate party is planned. That’s because it’s a time to be able to put aside the pressures of the office and really sit back and have a fun time.

If you work for a company that is sensitive to the needs of the environment, or you would like to educate those on the staff about how they can enjoy themselves while still being eco-friendly, we are in total agreement with your frame of mind. As a matter of fact, we have five eco-friendly entertainment options that are sure to make your next corporate party a hit.

Have an organic cooking class. No matter how much time someone spends in their own kitchen, there is always room to learn more, right? Why not invite an organic chef to come and teach a few recipes that will not just be good to everyone’s taste buds, but their overall health and well-being? You can even serve the prepared meals afterwards on cloth tablecloths and “green” tableware rather than plastic.

Do something outside. Automatically, by being outside, you are already being “eco-friendly proactive” because you are encouraging people to take in the fresh air. If you add to that, an activity such as golfing, cycling or even having a field day for adults, they are also getting in their exercise as well. You can even provide recyclable water bottles to all of the participants as a way to remember the event.

Electric-less entertainers. It’s pretty much a given that if there is going to be a corporate party where music is involved, people are either going to hire a band or a DJ. Nothing’s wrong with either option and both can certainly provide hours of fun, but with the amps, speakers and microphones (not even to mention the instruments that are sometimes used), that can also be a lot of electricity that is used as well. Consider instead going with a solar DJ, some singing waiters or even stepping way out of the box and hiring one of the local circus acts for rent.

Go off-site. Who said that parties have to happen on-site or even in your city? If you really want to throw a party that no one will forget, plan a corporate getaway where people can bring along their spouses or significant others for a few days. There are all kinds of places that are built for rest and relaxation that also have an eco-friendly twist. They include eco-friendly hotels such as the Hyatt at Olive 8 (Seattle, Washington), the Buttermilk Mountain Ski Resort (Aspen, Colorado) and the Holland American Cruise Line.

Host a raffle. One of the most effective ways to educate someone is to provide them with information in the form of giveaways. Another cool idea is to throw a traditional party, but to hold an eco-friendly raffle in between with giveaways for books, T-shirts, eco-friendly supplies and maybe even a trip or two that will take people to places that are extremely relaxing and extremely green. They’ll come back not only well rested but further enlightened about the eco-friendly movement. Mission accomplished.

  • Lucy Cunningham

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  • Jacob Wadsworth

    These are wonderful ideas for corporate entertainment events. I am pro environment too so I’d go for these events for fun and relaxation rather than waste considerable amount of energy in some other event. –