5 Green Upgrades That Add Value to Your Home


By Jane Blanchard via Modernize When you're preparing to sell your home, any upgrades that add value are worth your time and effort. One of the hottest trends in real estate is green, sustainable living--making changes to your home that decrease the amount of energy you use and your impact on the environment. Read on to learn more about the best "green" upgrades that not only are kind to the … [Read more...]

Top 3 Eco-Friendly Office Products that I Couldn’t Live Without

bambo white board

Usually your office place is anything but “green”. You might think you don’t have that much control over what your office provides when it comes to sustainable living but that’s where you’d be wrong. There are dozens of eco-friendly office products that help you save the planet a little at a time. Here are three items that I couldn’t live without at work. Good Bye Sticky Notes, Hello Bamboo … [Read more...]

5 Apps You Can Use Right Now to Become More Eco-Friendly

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It’s easy to talk about eco-friendliness. We’ve all been doing it for decades. Some of us haven’t moved beyond adding a recycle bin for plastic and aluminum. Even that is no great boast in states like Oregon, that require such measures. Some have taken it a step further by making home improvements such as adding solar panels, ceiling fans, and low-flow shower heads. This is a significant step. … [Read more...]

6 Spring Maintenance Tips to Increase Your Energy Efficiency


Congratulations! You made it through winter. Say goodbye to your sky-high heating bills and hello to spring! Unfortunately, you won't be saying goodbye to your energy worries altogether, though. Before you know it, summer will be here. And depending on your climate, it may be time to kick on those cooling systems sooner rather than later. So how can you be sure you're not paying an arm and a … [Read more...]

What You Need to Know About Renovating Your Office


Renovating your office space is about a lot more than just a few paint swatches. Deciding to make a change in décor is really about deciding to make a positive change in the office environment, one that will be beneficial to you, your employees and your clients. Whether your budget is large or small, it is crucial to think about your options before you get started.  How, for example, can you … [Read more...]

Buying a Green Home? Be Sure to Look For These 6 Things


Often when it comes to buying a home, so much of the focus is on location or size. But if you’re an especially environmentally-conscious person, you may want to know how “green” a home is. Does the home use a lot of electricity? Are there aspects of the house’s history which make it a potential health hazard? If you’re looking for an ideal green home, here are some important tips to remember … [Read more...]

Why Your Website Must Include a Portfolio


You probably know that you need a personal website to help generate leads and to build your brand. You might know that this personal website ought to include a portfolio of your past work, regardless of the industry. But did you know that your small business or company website could also benefit from offering a portfolio to visitors? There are several reasons for including a portfolio on your … [Read more...]

10 Easy Ways to Make Your Home More Eco-Friendly


When you hear the term “eco-friendly,” your mind might jump to advancements like solar panels, electric cars, and walls that keep heat inside. And, while these certainly fit the bill, they aren’t always the most budget-conscious options for everyday individuals who simply want to minimize their negative effects on the Earth. Fortunately, there are plenty of ways to make your home a greener … [Read more...]

Should Your Home Go Solar?

Telluride Solar Panels

Solar panels are gaining quite a bit of popularity. Still, they’re a relatively new innovation. Most people know what they are, but don’t know much about the specifics such as how exactly they work or how to install them. Unless you’re an engineer, you will probably need a professional to give you specifics for your home, but we can start here as a jumping-off point. Why should I go solar? Solar … [Read more...]

5 Essential Tips for Marketing Your Green Business

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Are you a green company, or are you just trying to attract a new segment of buyers? The truth is, many companies are a little bit of both. Green industry is still on the upswing, and the market is big enough to interest all types of business. However, as more companies get into it for the money, consumers are becoming pickier about who they use and why. Almost anything can be found online – … [Read more...]