8 Ways to Make Your Landscaping Eco-Friendly

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Being environmentally-conscious is a big deal for many businesses today and most likely your company has embraced practices that are eco-friendly. You recycle bottles, cans and paper. You’ve embraced digital documents over paper ones. You opt for energy-efficient office equipment, and you’ve even worked on greening your business strategies. All of these are great ways to help the environment, but … [Read more...]

MEMORIAL DAY SALE! WordPress Updates

All of our wordpress sites are under constant attack from hackers looking for loopholes into our websites. Hackerbots don't care about traffic or ranking, they are programed for one thing only - to find weak spots in our platforms. Some of you have experienced the misery of compromised sites, it's not fun or cheap and if you haven't I promise you don't want to. The most simple preventative … [Read more...]

5 Ways Graphic Shades Can Help Improve the Workplace


You may think of window shades simply as a way to protect sunlight from entering a room. However, there are many additional functions of window treatments than what meets the eye. With plenty of advanced window coverings on the market, including energy-efficient blinds, solar shades, and motorized shades, selecting the ideal window treatment for your business can often be difficult. If you’re … [Read more...]

Do Indoor Plants Really Provide Return On Investment?

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There are numerous reasons to invest in indoor plants for the office environment. Plants help to create a welcoming atmosphere, they can clear airborne nasties from the air, and of course, they are nice to look at. But do they provide a return on investment? Increasing Productivity Various studies have shown that introducing plants into an office environment can help to increase productivity … [Read more...]

The Psychological Effects of Cleanliness in the Workplace


The physical and psychological effects of an unhygienic workplace can be debilitating for staff and visitors. The negative impact is gradual, but it is inevitable. If you want clients to respect your business, and your staff to confidently approach their duties with high morale, you need to ensure your workplace is clean and hygienic. The psychological effects of an unhygienic and cluttered … [Read more...]

4 Popular Types of Broadband Internet Connections

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It should come as no surprise that broadband Internet technology is more popular now than ever in the past. Indeed, it helps businesses throughout the world operate on a daily basis and is a huge part of many of our lives now thanks to social media. What many people don't realize, however, is that there are actually quite a few options out there for those who are looking to delve deeper into the … [Read more...]

Insulating Your Home for the Winter: It’s Never Too Late


At the time of writing we have just entered 2014, but I’m sure that we have by no means left the cold weather behind us. Typically the coldest weather in the UK occurs in January and February, although March does have its moments. This means improving the insulation of your property now will immediately begin to provide you with the combined benefits of lowering your energy bill and keeping you … [Read more...]

5 Steps to a Green Recruiting Strategy


Organizations are becoming more and more aware of the importance of practicing sustainable development in the work force, both for the reputation it creates as an environmentally responsible company, as well as for the financial benefits that permeate throughout the establishment. As your organization becomes more aware of the benefits of an environmentally-friendly work place, it’s important to … [Read more...]

How to Turn Metal Trash into Treasure and Help the Environment

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Each year, tons of metals are disposed of worldwide, with the US being the leading culprit, at about 540 pounds of metal waste per family per year . Europe, as a whole, is not far behind with a staggering 10,000,000 tons of metal waste per year, and each Australian produces close to 165 pounds of metal waste per year. This causes a large strain on the environment by creating larger amounts of … [Read more...]

Energy costs can be a big headache for business owners: How to stay in control

Running a small business is a challenge. Sometimes, the smallest things can make a big difference. If you are a small business owner, it is likely that you look to keep costs under control in any way possible. One area that can be overlooked when budgets are being made is the cost of utilities and other office overheads, but going back to the basics can often save you a bundle. This article looks … [Read more...]