Green Volunteering Opportunities for Your Small Business

If you have a small business in your community, one of the best things that you can do to become more active in it is to volunteer. Not only does it provide assistance for non-profit organizations and individuals who may need your help, but there are studies to support that people tend to want to patron companies that are doing their part to help others. So, when you volunteer, in its own way, it’s also providing some free publicity for your business and the services you have to offer.

Are you someone who is looking to do some green volunteering in your area? If so, we have some tips on where you can start your personal volunteer search:

Find a green non-profit or charity. Virtually every city in the country has at least a couple of organizations that are devoted to doing “green efforts” within the city. So, if you want to volunteer at an eco-friendly place, a green non-profit or charity would definitely be the first place that you would need to look.

Join a local board of a green non-profit or charity. There tend to be a lot of businesses that are looking for qualified people to join their board of directors. Sometimes, these opportunities are publicly advertised and sometimes they are not. But when they aren’t, it certainly can’t hurt to drop an email to the one that piques your interest to let them know that you’re interested in joining their board or any kind of leadership group that they might have.

Work in or start a community garden. As more and more people are becoming aware of the benefits of eating healthier, lots of them are either buying organic produce or sharing a community garden. You can become a part of one on your side of town or you could even consider starting one in your neighbor. It’s a nice way to network in a “casually green” way.

Recycle. Sometimes, it’s the little things that go a really long way. If you share an office space with other companies, why not offer to either provide them with recycling bins or transport the ones that they already have to recycling sites? It’s one less thing that they’ll have to think about and one big thing that you’ll be doing for the environment.

Push legislation. If you’re someone who spends time doing career news insider research, then when it comes to really effective green volunteering, perhaps one of the things that you read about was contacting your state’s Public Interest Research Group so that you could assist in canvasing and pushing local/regional/national eco-friendly legislation. If you go to the main website ( and click on the “Act Now” button, there a list of issues that they are looking for people to contact their state senator on. One thing about taking this particular approach is that you are volunteering your time to help things on a much broader scale; you’re doing your part to affect not just the face of the eco-friendly movement today, but for years to come. That’s something that is not just admirable, but priceless.