Need Office Space? Why Co-Working Might Be Your Perfect Green Solution

Co-working space is not a new concept. However, as people are becoming more and more eco-friendly, it is definitely something that is catching more people’s attention when it comes to being a viable solution for office space. Whether you’re someone who currently works from home, is starting a new business or would like to pay less rent than the office space that you currently have, we have five good reasons why you might want to consider co-working: for the sake of you, your company and the overall environment.

Co-workers share resources. One of the best (and perhaps most obvious) reasons to consider co-working space is because you are sharing a big room with other, oftentimes, like-minded professionals. So, when it comes to the electricity and water, you are sharing the utilities; this also means that you are not footing the bill alone.

Co-workers share thoughts. Another thing that a lot of people enjoy about being in a co-working space is that you can either go to your own table, cubicle or office and it is naturally assumed that you need to be left alone to do your work; however, you can also hang out in the “common areas” like the break room and then it’s understood that you are interested in socializing. It is in that space that you can oftentimes have some of the most fascinating conversations as you exchange thoughts and ideas with other co-workers.

Co-workers grow their businesses. A lot of entrepreneurs and start-ups decide to go with a co-working space because it’s less corporate-feeling than a traditional office, while still giving them more of an office setting than one at home. When you are in an environment where a lot of people have a similar mindset, you are bound to find yourself find yourself in a community of people a lot like yourself. One of the best things about “going green” is that it encourages you to develop a sense of community. As a direct result, you just might end up creating another company outside of your initial business with a co-worker in the same space. It happens more often than you might think (talk about “creative upcycling!).

Co-workers send a good message to clients. There are studies that support the fact that a lot of potential customers and clients are more likely to want to do business with you if they know that you are “eco-friendly savvy”. Sometimes, it’s simply not professional enough to meet up with people at a coffeehouse, but by scheduling appointments in a co-working space, you are essentially saying, “I hope you see here that I take you and the environment seriously. That is why I am bringing you to a professional space while also being conscious about how I use my resources.”

Co-workers bring new meaning to “natural lighting”. When you are around other people who are doing what they love, that tends to create a positive environment that is filled with driven and happy individuals and “bright attitudes” lighten any place up. This is just one more reason why you should consider being in a co-working space. When you feel light and happy, you will bring a whole new meaning to “natural lighting” in any professional environment!