Flaunt It! Monday Sponsorship

What is it?

Eco-Office Gals is always looking for small businesses growing green.  The Flaunt It! Monday series is where Eco-Office Gals reviews your eco-friendly product and business and offers a giveaway for readers to get to know you, your product and your website and enter for a chance to win your product.  I do not take payment for these reviews and giveaways, I may include certain facts at your request about your product but I will not lie or give an opinion that is not my own.  It has yet to happen, but should I completely dislike your product I will contact you and give you the option of not having me post the review and giveaway.

Please see detailed Giveaway Guidelines.

Who makes a good sponsor?

If you have a TRULY green product and want it flaunted, you make a good sponsor.  If you want an honest, unrehearsed review of your product, you make a good sponsor. My reading audience is mainly female, moms, small business owners, and greenies but we also have a readership of all genders, age range and backgrounds.

What do I need from you?

I need you to contact me with your product or site information.  If your product is a good fit you will send the item agreed on to Eco-Office Gals for review.  If I do not feel your product, company, organization or group is eco-friendly and something readers would like to know about, I reserve the right to not accept your product and will not do a review or post on my site.

When Eco-Office Gals flaunts you and announces the winner (giveaway runs for 3 days), I will then forward the winning email to you.  You will then be responsible for getting the prize out to the winner promptly. Products sent to me for review will not be returned or forwarded to the winner.

What’s in it for you?

You will be flaunted for 3 days.  Eco-Office Gals submits the giveaway to various online giveaway sites, twitter and other social networking groups.  I drive traffic to your site by asking the reader to visit your site as part of the entry.  They will be asked to comment about their favorite product, facts about your product or business or find a location where your product can be found in their area.  You are given a 125×125 ad spot in my sidebar for the entire month of the giveaway.  I link back to your site several times within the post.  My site receives 500-600 unique visits per day during these giveaways.  I have a 4/10 Google PR and 210,754 alexa rank. I review not only your product, but your site, customer service and anything else I feel worthy of mention.

My goal for Flaunt It! Monday is quite simple, word of mouth is the best advertising.   I want to get my thoughts out about your product. If my readers know about your product they will, hopefully, use the greener choices you bring to them the next time they need to make a purchase.

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Grow Green!