The Green Benefits of Hiring a Virtual Workforce

telecommuteIf you’ve been thinking about starting up a virtual office or transitioning the business that you already have into one, now more than ever, it’s actually a really wise thing to do. As a matter of fact, in the fall of 2012, Business Week did an entire feature on why many companies have decided to be virtual. One major reason is because it reflects the signs of the times; the ever-progressive stages in technology that command all of us to communicate in cyberspace.

However, being “tech-savvy” is not the only benefit that comes with hiring a virtual workforce. Below, we have enclosed five other reasons for you to take into “going virtual” into serious consideration:

It’s better for the environment. There are a lot of emissions that go into the atmosphere that are strictly connected to the cars that are on the road. Although it would be nice if we all owned an electrical vehicle, that’s simply not our reality (at least not yet). But when you set up a virtual workforce that means less driving for you and your staff which means less gas that’s needed to be bought or fuel fumes that are put into the atmosphere.

It’s cost-effective. One of the greatest resources that any of us have comes in the form of green paper known as money. When you set up a virtual office, there is no need to rent or lease out office space. Therefore, you don’t need to purchase additional furniture or equipment and you don’t have to pay for monthly utilities to keep it up and running either.

It doesn’t require a lot of paper exchanging. Speaking of paper, although there are many offices that are finding creative ways to use less of it (recycling, printing on the front and back sides, etc.), when you work in a virtual setting, this means you are online more than you are writing things down on a notepad. A virtual office space is about software, not paper.

It keeps you more widely connected. Say that you had company that had offices in a few different cities and you needed to do an upper training computer training class. One thing about being virtual is that you can set up your company in a way where you can do everything by conference calls or video conferencing. That way, you can save money on travel expenses. Plus, there aren’t too many other modes of transportation that put as much emissions into the air as an airplane. You’ll definitely be doing your part to keep those kinds of gases in the air at a minimum.

It increases productivity. There are many studies to support the fact that when employers are able to work from the comfort of their own homes, productivity tends to go up. That’s because individuals can work in a familiar and more relaxed environment. So, as long as you require daily (or weekly) reports and you establish a good level of communication with your workers, by having a virtual setting, you definitely can find yourself having the kind of company that will thrive like no other.