The Top 5 Cities for Green Jobs

Los Angeles

Eco friendly business and environmental responsibility are becoming more widely accepted–in many places, they are even being demanded. Reckless actions in the past have had a serious effect on the environment, and many people are trying to repair the damage. These 5 cities have come out above the rest in terms of spurring this new industry forward. These are the top cities in America for green jobs.

  1. Los Angeles, CA
    The City of Angels has long been one of the more environmentally progressive cities in the United States. After the haze of smog over the city became a widespread public concern, green development skyrocketed. Clean energy jobs have greatly increased in the LA area in recent years. One of the biggest pushes was a recent ordinance that required many of the cities buildings to be retrofitted to accord with LEED standards. Green jobs are always available in Los Angeles.
  2. Portland, OR
    This northwestern city is widely considered to be one of the most sustainable cities in the country. A sense of ecological responsibility pervades Portland in a way that is not common today. The state of Oregon has the highest percentage of clean energy jobs of any state in America, in addition to a healthy industry for eco-friendly manufacturing and clean technology. The Pacific northwest is a prime location for green jobs, and this is largely because of the city that turned a sprawling freeway into a public waterfront park.
  3. New York, NY
    It’s no surprise that the Big Apple is one of the prime cities for green jobs in America. As the country’s most populous city, and a major hub for businesses and industries of all kinds, New York is one of the best cities to go to for almost anything you want. New York has made huge investments in green energy in recent years, and generated thousands of new green industry jobs. The city is also striving to retrofit buildings for energy efficiency and reduce greenhouse gas emissions, major projects that are major job producers.
  4. Denver, CO
    Way out near the Rocky Mountains, you’ll find one of the best cities of all for green jobs–Denver, CO, home of the Broncos and the NREL. The National Renewable Energy Laboratory, which calls Denver its home, has been one of the greatest driving forces in green industry in the country for years. This city is also home to Vesta Wind Systems, a leader in the renewable energy industry. With significant investments in green energy and technology, Denver consistently holds its place as a destination for green job seekers.
  5. San Francisco, CA
    This hilly town in the Bay Area of California is widely considered to be one of the most progressive of American cities. Reports have pointed to San Francisco as the ultimate destination for green technology jobs, as it is home to one of the biggest solar energy companies in the nation, and a major city for LEED certified construction projects. Contact your local resume writing service and prepare for a move, because San Francisco is one of the best places to go for green jobs today.