Top 5 Tips for Finding Green Collar Jobs

Green Jobs Green collar jobs, those that promote environmental consciousness and sustainability in the green industry, are becoming more desirable every day. As the reality of our ecological problems becomes ever more present, people everywhere are starting to push for a greener tomorrow. This is a great time to look for career options, but you may be feeling lost. Follow these 5 tips for finding green collar jobs in the years to come.

  1. Go to Where the Jobs Are
    Some cities have been much more progressive than others in terms of generating green jobs, so your chances may be better in another town. California is a major player in the green sector, with San Francisco and Los Angeles leading the way in creating new jobs. Seattle and Portland in the northwest are also hot spots for green job seekers, as is New York on the east coast. You’ll have a much easier time finding green jobs in cities like these.
  2. Educate Yourself
    Learn everything you can about the green industry as well as environmental concerns themselves. Learn about the history of the green movement as well as reactions from the public, the business community, and the government. Information is a powerful asset, and if you are educated about the issues you’ll have a much easier time finding green collar work. Read up on environmental literature, or even considering taking college courses on the subject to educate yourself as much as possible.
  3. Get Involved as a Volunteer
    The green movement has always been spearheaded by those who are passionate about the cause. You should be proactive about sustainability and environmental consciousness in all parts of your life. One of the best things you can do for your job prospects is get involved in volunteer work. This will give you real world experience, get a foot in the door with possible employers, and help you do something positive with your spare time. Volunteer work is often a great way to move toward career options in the green industry.
  4. Find the Best Resources
    You can’t be expected to know everything and be everywhere, and that is why you have job search resources available to you. Look into online resources like Green Job Board, Environmental Career Center, and Idealist. You can search job listings, send out applications, and learn about upcoming events. When you go about your job search, make sure that you utilize all of your resources to the fullest. To let these services go unused would be foolish, not to mention wasteful.
  5. Always Network
    In many industries all over the world, knowing the right people is equally important as having the right skills. You should be networking all the time. Volunteering is a great way to meet new people, as is utilizing social networking platforms online. You never know when you might end up running into the head of Vesta Wind Systems or the Barefoot Investor. Meet new people, learn what they do, and get involved. When opportunities arise, you’ll be there to take advantage of them.