Top 5 Ways to Greenify Your Computer

computersIf you’re someone who is passionate about being energy efficient, then you’re probably always on the hunt for how to greenify just about every facet of your life, right? Well, living in this day and age, you probably have a computer (or several). When it comes to it, did you know that there are actually ways that it can be greenified as well? We’ve tested out a few recommendations and come up with our own list of five proven ways that you can greenify your computer in a way that will be good for it, you and the overall environment:

Turn off your monitor and screensaver. Monitors tend to require a lot more electricity than you might think. As a matter of fact, it accounts for about one-third of the total energy that your computer uses on a daily basis. So, if your computer has a “sleep feature”, set your settings up to automatically go into that mode when you’re away from it. If you have an older computer, then you may sit have a screensaver. It’s best to turn those off too. By doing so, you can save yourself $25-75 annually.

Put your computer on “standby” or “hibernation” mode. There are more and more people who rarely turn their computer off at all. While there are reports that it can be better for your computer if you don’t, honestly most people do it for the convenience of not having to reboot or because they want to access some of the information on it from other sources throughout their day. By putting your computer on standby mode, you are using very little power. In hibernation mode, you’re using hardly any at all.

Keep your computer tuned up. A lot of us end up having to buy a computer a lot sooner than we need to all because we avoid this one vital step. Just like anything else, overtime computers can become a bit sluggish if they do not get properly maintenance. Make sure to clean out your files, upgrade your software and if you need a service technician, get one.

Recycle and/or refurbish. Sooner or later, there will come a time when you’ll need to get another computer. Due to the fact that we generate about five billion pounds of computer waste on an annual basis, rather than toss it, have your computer recycled by donating it to a company that refurbishes computers and then gives them to non-profit organizations or people in need. By doing this, you can know that you did your part in making the world a cleaner place while also being a blessing to someone else at the same time.

Get a green computer. If you’re surfing on the internet for a PC wholesale deal, luckily most computer companies now make what are known as “green model computers”. So, when speaking with a customer service agent, be sure to ask them about what ones they have available. Oh, and in making your choice, opt for a laptop if you can; they use about 65 percent less energy than desktops do.