Wireless Charging May Cut the Cord for Electric Vehicles

Electric Vehicle50 years ago, we probably wouldn’t have dreamed that there would be a time when many of us wouldn’t have to stop by a gas station to fuel up our cars; that electric vehicles would be on the market, negating the need for gas.

Yet, there is no question that the reality is now here thanks to vehicles like the Chevrolet Volt, Ford Focus (EV) and Nissan Leaf. Plus, with more electric car models coming out every year (and reportedly, them being significantly cheaper to buy as well), and also with more and more people becoming environmentally-friendly, it’s pretty apparent that electric cars are not a trend. They are here to stay.

After all, there are a lot of benefits that come with getting one (even outside of not needing to put gas in them). They produce much lower emissions and reduce the amount of oil consumption, they are quieter and because they don’t require things like engine oil, antifreeze and transmission fluid, they also are more reliable and are big money savers as it relates to saving on (certain kinds of) maintenance costs.

So, it should be no surprise that car companies like BMW and Nissan are attempting to come up with ways to make it more convenient for “fuel car drivers” to want to transition over to an electric automobile. And, one of the ways that they are trying to make that possibility more appealing is by inventing what is known as wireless charging.

As of now, electric cars need to be charged up at home and although there are more charging stations than ever, there still aren’t enough to put enough people’s minds at ease that they won’t run out of energy while on the road (especially on long road trips). It would appear that one answer to that particular dilemma is to embed wireless charging technology into electric vehicles. This would give them the ability to charge up their cars in parking spaces and even on the side of roadways and highways.

So how long will it take to make this concept a reality?

BMW has been doing official testing to make some of their models wireless since June of 2011. Nissan has been even more progressive. According to them, by 2015, the Infiniti LE four-door luxury model will actually come with a wireless charging system. As it relates to their popular Nissan Leaf, it will soon have an automated parking feature that gives the car the ability to be safely parked over a charging plate so that it can recharge while its owner is out shopping or running errands.

While BMW and Nissan can pat itself on the back for being fairly proactive in the United States with their efforts, apparently wireless charging, on an international level, is not anything new. In Italy, buses have been getting recharged this way for a whopping decade. It would appear that we’re way ahead with a bit of catching up to do.

Still this is pretty good news. So, if you’re in the market for a new car (and also some good car insurance, which you can find at Cheapcarinsurance.net) and you’ve been wavering about getting an electric vehicle, this is just one more reason to strongly consider it. A car that doesn’t need gas that you can charge anywhere? That’s definitely worth looking into.