To provide Eco-Friendly and Paperless Green Virtual Assistant Services, WordPress Design and resources for businesses interested in making a lighter environmental Impact.

Eco-Office Gals strives to build businesses green and paperless.  Our blog site compiles information about sites and products that we find safe and useful for our environment. Our services include Virtual Assistant services, WordPress development and green web hosting in our effort to help small businesses become paperless by using various forms of electronic media and communication.  Additionally, we offer eco-alternatives when tangible products are a must.

Eco-Gal Jen:

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Jennifer brings 10 years of real-world Administrative experience to your business venture.

From 1997 – 2002 Jennifer worked in the private sector at Oxbow Corporation in West Palm Beach, Fl.  For 5 years she provided support to 30+ employees of the Finance Department at Oxbow including, but not limited to document production, call screening, data entry, and file organization.

Life events caused her to move to Greenville, SC. She spent the next 5 years (2002 – 2007) employed in the public sector as the Administrative Assistant to the OMB Director of the City of Greenville.  At the City she provided support to the OMB Director, OMB Assistant Director, Risk Manager, Budget Director and Accounting Department.  During her final year at the City she also re-designed and maintained the City’s Intranet, resulting in receipt of the City’s Innovation Award and a new found love of website design.

After a decade of unloved jobs, Criminal Justice, Literature and Teaching credits, Jennifer still couldn’t figure out what she wanted to do when she grew up. When nothing seemed to fit right, she figured out she’d take all the skills she had learned and loved to do and figure out how to make it work. Love of design, learning and teaching – frustration of wasted paper and discovery of the VA wold started the steady growth of what is today Eco-Office Gals.

Awards & Accomplishments:

  • City of Greenville Innovation Award – Voluntarily transformed the City’s outdated Intranet into a more user-friendly, engaging, interactive and reliable tool for internal communications.
  • Provided Leadership in the City’s United Way Campaign; served one year as City’s Campaign Coordinator.
  • Participated in special project committees, such as Employee Recognition & Awards Program, Christmas Float Committee, Accommodations Tax Committee and Affordable Housing Committee.

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