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Last updated: October 20, 2012

Due to increasing requests, Eco-Office Gals will begin offering Sponsored Posts. Eco-Office Gals believes in full transparency and following FTC guidelines. Guest Posts and Sponsored Posts will be clearly disclosed. All posts and links must be relevant to the focus of Eco-Office Gals mission. The following guidelines below take effect November 10, 2010 any guest posts dated prior to November 10, 2010 may not fall into these guidelines. Guidelines are subject to change at any time.

What is the difference between a Guest Post and a Sponsored Post?

Guest Post:

A guest post is free of charge. The post may not promote your business, it must be relevant content (green business, virtual assistant, wordpress, etc). No links relating to a business, product or service you represent may be contained in the post content itself. You must include an image to use with the post. I will review the content and discuss any changes to the text before posting.

Your guest post will include a byline about the author. In the byline you may include a linkback to your own personal website only, not a company you are writing on behalf of or keywords/phrase linked to the company you are writing for. If it is found out after publishing that a free guest post contains a link to a website not owned by the author, the link may be removed promptly and Eco-Office Gals reserves the right to keep the content live without the link unless payment is made.

Please see Sponsored Post guidelines for these options.

Sponsored Post:

A Sponsored Post promotes your business or product, but may not be an advertisement post. It can be in the form of a review/giveaway or simply a text post. The post and links must still be relevant to the site (Green biz, Virtual Assistant, Technology, etc). A sponsored post can include up to 3 in-post links to your website or a website you are writing on behalf of, product or social networks and you are welcome to offer my readers a coupon code for your product or service. You may also include your own selection of keywords to add in the SEO, they must be relevant to the content. You must include an image to use with the post. I will review the content and discuss any changes to the text before posting. Full disclosure will be placed the byline to state that yours is a sponsored post, review or giveaway and that I have been compensated in payment, product or services. Sponsored posts must be paid for via Paypal prior to publishing unless otherwise agreed upon.

The cost of a sponsored post is as follows:

Review or Giveaway Post:

No actual monies are exchanged for a review and/or giveaway post. Your product is the compensation for my time to format and promote your post. The minimum retail value of the product you send to review and winnings for my reader must be $50.00 or more. The giveaway can be a product you send to the winner or a Gift Certificate for the winner to spend on your products. Do not send me the giveaway – only the review product – the product yousend me to review will not be returned.  All opinions in the post are those of Eco-Office Gals, you may include any facts or links, but you may not influence the review of the actual product.

If you are only doing a review post then the product must have a retail value of $50.00 USD or more, if it is less I ask you to purchase an advertising spot to compensate the balance.

Sponsored Post:

The contribution cost of a sponsored post, written by you is $50.00, the post may include up to 3 in content links, an image and keywords of your choice upon request. This fee is compensation for my time to format, publish and promote your submission. This fee is not an advertising fee and it does not guarantee your post will remain published indefinitely.  If any post or links are found not to be beneficial to the scope of Eco-Office Gals, they will be removed or unlinked without notification. You may request a replacement post or link if your post is removed due to irrelevant content.

You may compensate Eco-Office Gals for our time to post and share your submission using the Paypal button below. Your submission will be published promptly.


A few Rules

  • Any monthly ad space purchased on posts will be visible on sponsored posts. It may not be removed, please do not ask.
  • Text Ad links MAY NOT be purchased on sponsored posts written by someone else. Write your own, unique content or request purchase of a link on a post written by Eco-Office Gals only.
  • Content MUST be unique to my site. If I find the post is duplicated in part or in full elsewhere online, the post will be unpublished immediately and no refund will be issued.
  • Content must be relevant not only to the site, but also the audience. EOG’s audience is primarily US (United States) based, please provide content which will interest a US audience.
  • Use proper terminology, spelling and grammar we will not spend our time repairing your post. If you write a fact supported post, site the sources your facts came from.
  • Eco-Office Gals reserves the right to refuse any guest post, sponsored post, review or giveaway. All content MUST be relevant to the site content. Any content or link may be removed at anytime, without notice and no refund will be issued after your post is published.
  • The rules and fees may change at anytime. As new issues arrive, new rules may be applied. That is how things work when you’re dealing with an ever changing world wide web. Thanks for understanding!

I look forward to working with you to help promote your green business and products. Contact Eco-Office Gals at any time with any questions or to set up a sponsored or guest post.