WordPress Maintenance

Once you have a WordPress Site you are proud to call your own, you must perform general WordPress maintenance on WordPress, your theme and plugins.

No matter how much traffic you receive, or how big or small your site is, your website MUST be maintained. Security, speed and other factors can become compromised and you could end up having to redesign from scratch.

Nothing is 100% fool-proof, but keeping your WordPress, theme & plugins up-to-date regularly is the simplest thing you can do for preventative maintenance.

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Updates only include installed WordPress, themes & plugins on each website. Reports are run every 24 hours and updates are run every 24-48 hours on each site as needed, unless there is a reason to delay any given update ie. known conflicts. Updates do not include installation of new themes or plugins requested by the client. It also doesn’t include time spent fixing any compromises due to conflicting plugins or themes or issues due to themes or plugins no longer supported by the developer, only deactivation of the broken theme or plugin.
In the unforeseen case of plug in conflicts, theme conflicts or any other conflicts occur we will either revert back to the backup, or deactivate conflicting plug ins or theme.  You will then have to fix the issue or hire Eco-Office Gals to fix the issue before we attempt the upgrade again.

Eco-Office Gals is not responsible for themes not customized or maintained by Eco-Office Gals. I will upgrade the theme if needed, but any conflicts, broken design elements, theme crashes, etc will not be covered. If your theme incurs any cost to upgrade it will be the responsibility of the client to purchase the upgraded theme and provide the files to Eco-Office Gals.

Please review our WordPress Design Policies & Payment Terms.