The Importance of Office Space and Location for a Business

Many business owners are unaware of just how important location and space are to their business. Getting the right office space is essential from the beginning because you will need to stick with this space until your lease is up. This makes it very important that you choose wisely. Here are some essential aspects to consider the choosing your new office space:

  • Space – When choosing office space you have to ensure that you are getting the right square footage for your needs. Many businesses make the mistake of selecting an office space that is entirely too small for their requirements. They then spend the remainder of their lease period being cramped. When selecting your business spot, ensure that you are choosing a space that is large enough not only to accommodate you now but in the future if needed. If you are planning to expand your business before your lease is up then you will want to choose a space that allows for this option. Choose a space that offers the layout or design that you need and one that offers as few restrictions as possible with regards to decorating. Cutting the costs while not cutting the overall design and feel is an option too as for little cost you can choose an office that has extra windows that would allow lots of natural light and this would cut electrical costs and look brilliant.
  • Office Sharing – You may also want to consider sharing offices whether this means sharing with other companies or just sharing a desk with your colleagues. This would not only cut costs and boost social awareness and new friendships with people you wouldn’t talk to, but also is more environmentally aware as it cut costs of multiple locations and car shares would be more frequent.
  • Location – The location of your business is an essential aspect to your overall success. You want your business to be located in a safe neighborhood, eco-friendly and ideally, one that is convenient for your clients or customers. Make sure that good public transport is available nearby so that commuting will not pose a problem for you, your employees or your customers. Somewhere close to area amenities is ideal. You want your employees to be able to purchase lunch nearby or you may want to take clients out for a cup of coffee. Having a good location is essential in more ways than one.
  • Building – Finally, you have to ensure that the actual building is what you need as well. It should offer the security that you need to keep your business safe and not have any major structural issues. Some buildings offer manned receptions. If this is something that appeals to you then you will need to check to see what buildings in your area offer this option. Find out if any major renovations are being planned for the building and whether or not your business will be affected by them. Ideally, you want a building that is maintained regularly and you need to know if access is granted at all times. You also want a healthy building, one that has lots of natural light, good ventilation, and eco-friendly materials, paints & flooring is always a plus.  There are a number of things to consider when choosing the location for your business and keeping these things in mind will ensure that you get the perfect space.

This article was written by Official Space, the UK’s leading office space website, enabling searches of offices to let located throughout the country.